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UPVC Preparation

  • All surfaces to be painted are scotched and cleaned using specialist window solutions which is vital to give the paint perfect adhesion to the Upvc. 

Masking and Covering

The most painstaking part of the process.

We will mask all glass, shuts and handles along with the surrounding area of the upvc window and doors. Any other areas which may be affected are also covered and protected.

The process of applying upvc paint

  • The upvc paint Spraying is a relatively simple part of the process providing the other steps have been carried out perfectly.
  • The Spraying is a 2/3 coat process dependent on the upvc paint colour and is touch dry within minutes.
  • Once the paint has suitably cured we can un mask and clean away all of our equipment leaving you with a stunning finish and a smile on your face.
We apply paint to treated surfaces to ensure that the finish is not only seamless but is long lasting and sustainable. Our work is guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years. We have a varity of colour choices available to suit your needs.

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